TOURNABOUT will be the premier PRO solution to tournament management. It is intended for tournament managers, directors, club owners, coaches, and anyone else who needs to set up and manage tournaments of any kind. Unlike other products, TOURNABOUT is versatile and flexible enough to handle many different sports, including individual competition sports and team sports. Among its many features:

  • Client and participant information management
  • Set up and manage multiple tournaments
  • Auto-bracketing, auto-seeding, bye assignment and promotion
  • Individual participants or team participants with rosters
  • Participant ranking and rank adjustment
  • Simple drag-to-promote mechanism for selecting match winners
  • Single and double elimination, round-robin bracketing
  • Printing of rosters, match forms, and other key tournament forms

Also unlike other products, TOURNABOUT is not a "PC download" product. Instead, it runs on your WEB SERVER (or a shared server) making it accessible from ANY Internet-connected computer through a secure login. This also means that you have a flexible way of publishing results in real-time on the Web!

Take our short VIDEO TOUR to find out more about the features and capabilities!